Making information usable

There are things in our digital lives we can all agree on. One is the importance of usability, another the importance of information. Hence, making information usable must also be important?

Usability is about combining business and user goals via design. For search applications it involves graphics, interaction, findability and quality of content. To succeed you need to know your business, your users and your content – what are the company strategies and visions, user needs and motivations, the what and where of content?

To succeed you need to know your business, your users and your content – what are the company strategies and visions, user needs and motivations, the what and where of content?

At Findability Day 2016, the biggest event on Search and Findability in Northern Europe, we focus on how to make information usable from a design, technology and information management perspective. Join us and other experts at Findability Day 2016 in Stockholm, to discuss and learn about trends, success stories and best practices. More information about Findability Day will be posted shortly!


Thursday, October 27
09.00 am - 5.00 pm


Meeting room, Alströmergatan 20
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Speakers 2016

Mattias Ellison

Enterprise Search and Findability Survey 2016

Take a look at Mattias presentation from Findability Day 2015

Do you want to know how and why some organisations succeed with their search experience and information supply? Mattias Ellison will present the 2016 year's report of the leading survey in Enterprise Search and Findability.

Andreas Ekström

The myth of the unbiased search result

Andreas Ekström is a Swedish author and journalist, and often lectures and leads seminars, mostly on the digital revolution. He is a recurring TEDx speaker and known for his deep knowledge in search and Google behavior.

Sofia Quintero

The power of insights

Sofia Quintero is the founder and CEO at NomNom. A tech startup helping product teams search, organise and share customer feedback easily. NomNom helps businesses understand customers faster

Daniel Goldberg

Host for Findability Day 2016

Daniel Goldberg is a Swedish journalist and writer. He writes about how modern technology changes society, culture and economy – for Svenska Dagbladet, Café, DN,, Computer Sweden and Internetworld. He has also published material for Wired, The Guardian and The Washington Post.

Findability day 2015 in Gothenburg

Speakers 2015

How to Make Sense of Any Mess

Abby Covert

The Future is Search

Martin White

Enterprise Search and Findability Survey Results

Mattias Ellison

Do you want to learn more about findability?

Would you like to meet with other companies with challenges related to search and information management? We are arranging exclusive network meetings both before and after the event.

Please contact Daniel Johansson for more information:

Who should attend

Information is constantly created and will no doubt effect your everyday work. Finding correct information can be critical and information overload may be a problem. The question is how to handle the challenges related to information? Findability Day is an event for anyone working with search, findability or information management. You may be in marketing, IT or finance, from a large or small organization - if you’re interested in findability you are welcome to join us! The event is free of charge but there is a no show fee of 1000 SEK!

Join us at findability day 2016